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Welcome to Deborah Romeyn's Website.

There is a moment when a lyric, in the hands of a master, can pull us into forever.

Close to four decades of composing the songs of prairie landscapes have made Deborah Romeyn just such a lyrical master. As spacious as it is intimate, her music gathers all the elements of the human condition: the joys of love, the gains and losses that come with age, and the strength of political conviction. Deborah's music reflects all of this to us, gift wrapped in the beauty of the world around us. Artistically woven with gentle humour and heart warming stories, Deborah Romeyn's music draws us in to listen more closely and feel more deeply.

Deborah's music has found an international stage. Her songs are featured on CBC radio. Her CD was played in space by Canadian astronaut Roberta Bondar. She has entertained audiences at folk festivals, conferences and Manitoba's Government House.

Deborah's work has been recognized in Australia's Rhythms magazine as top ten selections, and her songs have been performed by American choral groups. Her evocative lyrics and sound make her a favourite with diverse populations and establish her as a Manitoba treasure.


Nothing Like the Freedom
Distance in Her Eyes